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Git Collaboration

FIXME: home page introduction


A working knowledge of Version Control with Git and The Unix Shell are required for this lesson. For example - but not necessarily - from the respective Software Carpentry lessons.


Setup Download files required for the lesson
00:00 1. Introduction Key question (FIXME)
00:10 2. Overview of Git hosting sites What are the most-widely used Git hosting sites?
00:25 3. Issue Tracker How do I use Issues?
00:35 4. Forking a Repository How can I make an online copy of a repository on which I can work?
00:43 5. Pull Requests How do I contribute changes to someone else’s project?
01:03 6. Code Review Why should I do Code Review and how can I do it?
01:23 7. Continuous Integration (CI) How can I run tests automatically?
01:38 8. Tags and Releases How do you create releases of your project?
01:51 9. Branches What are git branches?
Why, when and how are branches used?
01:51 10. Integrated Wiki Where can I keep some simple documentation pages?
01:51 11. Pages How can I host a simple website?
02:06 Finish

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