ACENET Summer School

2021 May 17, 19, 31, June 2, 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, 30

1:00PM - 3:00PM ADT (UTC-3)

Instructors: Ross Dickson, Chris Geroux, Mat Larade, Serguei Vassiliev

Helpers: (instructors)

This site contains the general information for the 2021 Summer School in Advanced Research Computing, put on by ACENET.

General Information

The ACENET Summer School in Advanced Research Computing seeks to educate researchers in those tools and techniques used in high-performance computing and scientific computation. Topics will include general parallel computing, OpenMP, GPGPU, and MPI programming, and machine learning.

Who: The course is aimed at researchers, both academic and industrial. The background expected is typically that of a graduate student, although both advanced undergraduates and those who have finished (or never been to) graduate school may expect to benefit. Participants attending the school must have familiarity with the Unix command line, and some level of programming experience. Participating in the ACENET Basics Series would be a great foundation for the school.

Requirements: This course will be delivered on-line.



This online training will be conducted using Zoom video conferencing. Please download and install Zoom Client for Meetings.

SSH client

You must have an SSH client installed on your computer, and be able to connect to a Compute Canada cluster with it.

Contact: Please email for more information.


Monday, May 17

13:00-15:00 Atlantic General Overview
R. Dickson

Wednesday, May 19

13:00-15:00 Atlantic General Overview
R. Dickson

Monday, May 31

13:00-15:00 Atlantic Dask
M. Larade

Wednesday, June 2

13:00-15:00 Atlantic Dask
M. Larade

Monday, June 7

13:00-15:00 Atlantic Open MP Shared Memory
S. Vassiliev

Wednesday, June 9

13:00-15:00 Atlantic Open MP Shared Threads
S. Vassiliev

Monday, June 14

13:00-15:00 Atlantic Machine Learning: Intro, Classification
M. Larade

Wednesday, June 16

13:00-15:00 Atlantic Machine Learning: Regression, Neural Networks
M. Larade

Monday, June 21

13:00-15:00 Atlantic GPU Programming with CUDA
R. Dickson

Wednesday, June 23

13:00-15:00 Atlantic GPU Programming with OpenACC
R. Dickson

Monday, June 28

13:00-15:00 Atlantic MPI Programming 1
C. Geroux

Wednesday, June 30

13:00-15:00 Atlantic MPI Programming 2
C. Geroux

Office hours

Instructional staff will be available in the Zoom room between the hours of 11:00 AM and noon (Atlantic time) each Friday to answer questions or provide help with exercises or technical issues related to the School.

You may also contact the instructors and request to schedule a meeting at any other time, subject to the instructor's availability.


General parallel computing and working at scale

  • performance measurement, and factors affecting performance
  • I/O and data movement
  • schedulers and “embarrassingly parallel” jobs
  • analyzing performance using a profiler
  • Reference...

OpenMP, shared memory, and threads