Cloud from A to Z: Setup

This page describes setup that should preferably be done before you arrive at the course to help make the best use of your class time. The course exercises will be done on your personal laptop to better allow you to continue using what you learn in the course after you leave.

We will provide guest accounts in a shared project on the Alliance Arbutus cloud that we can use during the course. If you would rather work in your own OpenStack project for the course you can request an alliance account and a cloud project if you don’t already have one, however it can take several days to get an account and project. See getting an alliance account for more details on doing that.

Ensure you can open a terminal

The only setup required on your laptop is ensuring you can open a Linux command line terminal. For Windows users MobaXterm is recommended. Be sure to get the Installer edition not the portable edition. Download and install MobaXterm and verify you can run it. For Linux and Mac users you already have a terminal built in. To see how to open your terminal on your Mac see this youtube video. If you are a Linux user running Ubuntu the first 30 seconds of this youtube video shows you how to access the terminal. If you are having trouble accessing a terminal on your laptop before you arrive we can help you at the beginning of the course.

Ensure MobaXterm has a persistent home directory

If you are using Windows and MobaXterm you need to ensure you have a persistent home directory. If you got the Installer edition it should have already configured a persistent home directory for you, however if you got the portable edition by mistake you will need to configure a persistent home folder as outlined below.